how to sew a jacket: lining, cutting and first seams


I dont know if its news-worthy anywhere outside of Berlin, Germany, but did you hear we have an measles-epidemic in Berlin? Because most people do not get vaccinated anymore it seems. I am vaccinated so I am pretty relaxed and mostly see the fun in a city in panic. But it really is worth paying attention to all the people moving their scarf up to cover their face as soon as they enter the underground train, or those others who dig into their pockets, to find a tissue to cover their hand before they touch anything, and I am sure its not that they suffer from OCD. Well anyhow, it keeps my train rides funny at the moment, which I need since they repair the tracks on my normal route and my alternative takes me 1.5 hours one way instead of just 1 hour.

Here are the next steps for the jacket(part1, part2, part3, part4):

DSCF6784I placed all lining pattern pieces on the lining, minding the grain line.

DSCF6785the back parts get cut in fold. I added 2cm to each pattern, 4cm in total when de-folded, to do a pleat in the centre back which will make moving in the jacket a lot easier, and the lining less likely to rip at the centre back

DSCF6786now I pinned the sleeve-seams, I made some chalk lines on each pattern piece to mark the wrong side of the fabric, so I will sew all pieces together the right way

DSCF6787I also pinned the seams between the front parts

DSCF6788and pinned the back parts together, sewed all and ironed the seam allowances apart.

I hope this was helpful for you, let me know if you have any questions!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I actually heard about the measles, because someone went to Disney with the German measles and decided to share. Also because many people are not getting vaccines in some communities, it caused some problems. For us, vaccines are not optional, so we don’t have to worry either. It just seems so weird in the modern world!
    The jacket is also coming along nicely =)

    • its kind of funny, we in Germany have problems with measles at the moment, but not the german measles 😉 and like a generation ago it was totally normal to have measles as a kid and then you are naturally vaccinated, my mother is really looking at all that panic and does not understand the reason behind it. Maybe all that protection from deceases we have today is sometimes to much and some things you just have to get through at some point in your life.

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