bicycle tour gear review – front basket and fanny pack


I just went on an 8-day tour around the little belt with my trusty bicycle Leif. Here is a bit of what I had packed, what I used, what not, and what I would do differently next time.

Let us start with my fanny pack, I could also wear as a shoulder bag, when off the bicycle. In here I was carrying my valuables and some more stuff:


  • my travel purse, with my ID, credit and insurance cards, some cash in € and DKK, and all the receipts, used this a lot, worked well, will probably take it again
  • a foldable stand for my Ipad or cellphone, used it some, would probably take it again (by Tedi)
  • earbuds did not use them, but would take them again (by Clas Olson)
  • pens and pencil and ruler, did not use them, they would stay home next time
  • dictionary, used a little, would take it again (by Langenscheidt)
  • lip-sunscreen, used a lot, would take it again (by Rossmann)
  • tissues, used some, would take them again
  • hayfever and tenosynovitis meds, used a lot, would take them again, depending on my health
  • ear bags, used them a lot, just not to keep the ears warm, but they also work as pot-holders, would take them again
  • lighter, used a little, would take one again, but a different kind
  • Ipad, used a lot as a kindle, would take it again
  • notebook with pen, used a lot, would take it again
  • cellphone, not in the picture, because I used it to take it, used a lot, would take it again.

Do you have any questions about my fanny pack? I really like this pack, it was so easy to always have those things right with me, because it was around my hips, while pedaling and over my shoulder on the camping grounds. I sewed it myself.

In my front basket, I had the following things:


  • first aid kit, luckily did not use it, would definitely take it again (by outdoor panda)
  • spectacle case, which contained my clear glasses or sunglasses, depending on the weather I was wearing the other one, used a lot, both, so I would take them again (case and sunglasses by DUCO, clear glasses by decathlon)
  • my rainwear, if I wasn’t wearing it, used a lot, would take it again (jacket by Vaude, Pants by Helly Hansen, shoes by Juyu rain-proof products ltd)
  • Edixa and Diana F+, used a lot, would take them again 😉
  • My snacks for the day – I do not think anyone doubts I used those 😉
  • rain cover for the basket, used some, would take it again
  • Sun Screen, used a lot, would take it again
  • wet wipes, did not use those, but would take them again
  • bicycle fixing things like tools, tape and such, was lucky enough not to use it, would take it again though

Do you have any questions about the things in my front basket?

I actually do not like the basket that much, it is jumping if the road is bumpy, but it came with Leif. Also, I would have to take off the whole holding system to add something different, so I guess I will have to keep using it.

Looking at those pictures now, it seems like so few things, but it felt so much more, while on tour. 😉

I actually worked a few hours today and of course, went there by bicycle. And pedaling without luggage and with heels – Leif felt so light… and small. 😉

Do you have any questions about my gear so far? Or already about the rest of my gear?

Tomorrow I will tell you about my sleeping/camping gear.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy




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