bicycle tour gear review – sleeping/camping setup


I just went on an 8-day tour around the little belt with my trusty bicycle Leif. Here is a bit of what I had packed, what I used, what not, and what I would do differently next time.

As I told you when planning, I kept all my camping/sleeping stuff in the big Ortlieb dry bag, just because it made sense to me to keep tent, sleeping bag + pad, pillow, lights all in one place. Since you only need them at the same time once a day.


This setup worked out pretty well, and I kept it up. Just that the tent often was to wet to go into the bag, but instead I kept it outside. šŸ˜‰


So what was in that red bag?

  • the tent I borrowed from my sis, if it wasn’t wet, as in the picture
  • my sleeping pad
  • my pillow
  • my sleeping bag (and my pajamas in it)
  • headlamp
  • lamp
  • my chair
  • my showering things like shampoo, shower gel, etc.


So let’s talk a little about the different things:

The tent (by OUTDOORER) worked well, had enough space, and I stayed dry inside. It was also reasonably easy to put up and pack back up again. So thank you, sis, for lending it to me. It also helped a lot, knowing what I will need in my own tent when I buy myself one.

IMG_0045 (copy)

My sleeping pad (by hikenture) I really liked. It was so easy to inflate and deflate, very light and small, and comfy enough to sleep on. I will definitely stick with this one, just like my inflatable pillow by the same company.




My sleeping bag (by keenflex) was a good investment as well. It kept me warm, comfy enough (I always fight with sleeping bags, just because they restrict my movement), and also light and easy to pack and compress.



My lamps, I had this one by ThorfireĀ and a no-name headlamp, I did not use. Probably because it is this time of year, where the sun in Denmark sets around 10pm and I was only on camping grounds with additional lightning. I will definitely pack them up again because you never know, but maybe I would only pack one of them.



My chair (by Trono) I only used twice. Once in the picture above on the first day. By then, I did not master the art of getting it to its real size yet. Then some days there were seats at my disposal. When I used it again on day 5Ā and had it fully inflated the first time I noticed that 30 minutes later it was too soft to sit comfortably in it. So I did not use it again. But I contacted the company, and they will send me a replacement for the one I send them back. I will probably retake it on more extended tours because it packs up small, is relatively light and it’s great to have a chair to sit in after a day of cycling. On a short tour, it would probably take up to much space and weight for just a few days sitting on the ground. All depending on where I would go and how much I was already carrying.

Well, I guess I do not need to say anything about shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Of course, I used them, the shampoo also to wash some clothes, and I will also pack them again. šŸ˜‰

Do you have any questions about my gear so far? Or my gear in general? What experience with camping/sleeping gear do you have? Any tips you can pass on? Anything I could (with my limited knowledge) help you with?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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