cycling around the little belt 5


Almost everything is dry again 🙂 🙂 !!! Today was weather wise a semi-good day. Dry and no rain and sometimes sun sometimes clouds is the good part, wind from the front is the bad part. It seemed almost worse than the uphills, even though I sometimes had to push Leif again.

I slept almost normal last night, which was very nice after always waking up to turn. But I was getting cold, I will put my hand warmers someplace close tonight and if I get cold again, put one in the sleeping bag with me.

Again I started later than planned. By the way, I plan to be ready and back on the road around 10, after breakfast and packing without stress. Today it was partly because I waited for the tent to dry up even more. And then the cycling stopped after a few meters because the lane on the bridge was very tight for bicyclists and walkers and Leif is fully packed pretty wide, so I felt a lot more comfortable just pushing. I took a few pictures of the great views:


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Then we cycled on, missed one 8-sign, but that was not to bad, and another in Fredericia, which was kind of bad, because I noticed on top of the mountain. Today resting spots were scarce, or I saw them too late while passing… so my first rest:


In Tårup after 17.48 km and 1:41:28 pedaling and pushing.

And then the troubles with resting spaces continued until I sat down right next to a big street in Kolding:


36.91 km and 3:28:39 hours.

Then I just kept following that road, up a lot, until I turned into my camping ground, mid-climb, so the start of tomorrow will be great. 🙂

The day in numbers:

46.53 km

4:21:45 hours of Leif moving

12 € for the camping ground + 2€ for internet

Leifs favorite part of the day: defeating the wind

Buttons favorite part of the day: Being able to see everything again

My favorite part of the day: I finally got my seat blown up to full size 🙂 🙂 but there must be a little hole somewhere because it’s deflating, not very quick, but still…

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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