cycling around the little belt 3


I really hope what I said about the second day yesterday is actually true for the third. Today was not my day. And my thighs and knees hate me, especially when going uphill, and today there was a lot of uphill. If I was lucky, it was pretty even, and I could get momentum on the downhill and almost roll up the next hill. But mostly it was uphill, you thought you reached the top… and after a short straight bit, you could go a little more – uphill.

Actually, the day did not start that bad, after another thunderstorm that woke me up around 1 am, it started with a sunny morning. I packed up and managed to miss my goal by only 20 minutes, so that is an improvement. Now I went to the ferry, with one minor detour, and got on the next one to Bøjden.

The trip was pleasant and uneventful. Then I had to go and find my way back to the Baltic Sea Bicycle Route. Because until the ferry it is actually the first few km, then there is a lot more route to pedal, which I skipped, and now I am actually on the last 200 km of the course. I found it pretty easy and took my first break.


I thought it was really pretty right next to that church. 13.17km, 1:02:13 pedal time in Svanninge.

And from there, the day went bad. I have to follow those signs:


And I also do have a map, but I must have missed a sign and pedaled 2 sites of a triangle instead of just the one I was supposed to. Lots of up and down included. I just wanted to take another break, but there was just no suitable space for it until I finally just sat on the rail next to the street for some minutes, just because I was so exhausted.

Then I found the 8 again, but still no resting place, up and down until I found one, but was way too scared, because I wasn’t sure if I was still on the right path, to really rest. Shortly after pedaling again, I found a sign telling me I did not get lost again. But I started pushing up almost every hill.


In Brydegård (41.71km, 3:24:26 pedal and pushing time) I decided to take a break on this parking lot next to the crossing, even though the next camping ground was only 3 more km and I knew I probably would not manage the 10 more km to the one I planned.

Well, reaching the camping ground another thunderstorm started and I had to put up a record on how fast I can get the tent up, I was still very wet when I threw everything necessary inside and myself, too. There I was sitting wet in a tent waiting for the thunderstorm to pass. Around me my bags and such.

By now, I am wrapped up in my sleeping bag to warm up again. So send me some strength for tomorrow, so I will not have to declare defeat…

The day in numbers:

45.83 km

3:43:59 Leif moving time

31 DKK Leifs ferry ride + 58 DKK my ticket + 120 DKK camping ground

Leifs favorite moment: almost reaching 40km/h on one downhill, for one of his reflectors that was too fast and it broke, so later I was careful not to go that fast again, Leif did not like my braking.

Buttons favorite moment: The ferry ride, he has never been on a ferry before.

My favorite moment: Not sure, my mood is not the best right now… it started raining again. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy




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