cycling around the little belt 2


They say the second day is the worst, after that your body gets used to the new daily requirements and rhythm. Let’s hope that is true. 🙂 Well, today was a long day. I could have stopped in Sønderborg after 30km or travel til Fynshav, which was almost the double… you already guessed, I decided in Sønderborg, or actually, I had decided before, but I gave myself a choice again, to pedal til Fynshav. And to be honest, I kind of hated myself after 46km for that.

The day started ok after I woke up to pretty much every noise at night. At one point, I was almost afraid I would blow away. But morning came, and the tent was still standing. So I went to the kitchen to make myself breakfast, and just like at dinner the night before had to run back, because I forgot my utensils. I found a beautiful sunny spot to eat breakfast, with a great view of the water, and when I went back, I discovered my tent was still in the shade and because of that wet. While packing everything else up, I tried to at least put the outer layer into the sun and let it dry a little. Then I just left the tent outside of the red back and strapped it onto Leif anyways, so it at least could get nothing else wet. I talked to 2 nice danish men that morning, one in English, one in German. So I could blame them, but I guess I just pack up very slowly because I started cycling 40 minutes later than planned.

And then the hills started again, it felt like it was going up all the time, sometimes you could see the way well ahead downhill, so I could go really fast, that was fun.

After 13.59 km we took our first break in Egernsund. It took us 57:35 minutes pedal-time to get there and we enjoyed this view:


You can see my pile in the back with the tent 😉

Well, shortly after we were back on the road towards Sønderborg and when we reached it I had to take a short unscheduled break for this:


Then we went over the bridge you can see on the left and some more at the water again until it was time for the next rest-stop

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By then we had traveled 29.38 km in 2:17:14 (stops not included).

Now came some forest, with a lot of ups and downs and me doubting if I was still cycling the right way.

In Tandslet we had to pedal up again, and on the road and I reached a point of exhaustion. So I did not care if it was a pretty place or anything I just had to take a break:


So it turned out to be a bus stop, inside it was just too hot, so I sat down on that wood and later tried to stretch a little. This was after 46.56 km and 3:41:06 pedaling-hours.

There was no choice anymore, and after the break, I managed to reach Fynshav and the next camping ground.

Today in numbers:

57.27 km

4:26:15 hours on Leif

41.90 Kroner spent at Super Brugsen for tomatoes, deodorant, and salt. (and yes I really managed to not pack 2 of those things) + 85 DKK for the camping space.

Buttons favorite moment: Enjoying the beautiful views of the Baltic Sea.

Leifs favorite moment: Reaching over 31 km/h downhill and the weird looks by some horses we passed.

My favorite moment: The nice man in Sønderborg, who hardly knew any German or English but still managed to understand me and talk to me.

So next on the plan: dinner and sleep, this time the way to the kitchen is a lot shorter, just in case I forget something again. 😉


keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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