analog pictures of my bicycle tour – day 2


Here are the analog photographs I took on day 2 of my bicycle tour.

I had 3 cameras with me. First, the pictures taken with my Diana baby on Lomography color tiger 200 110-film:

Shooting with the Diana baby while pedaling and hanging around the neck, sometimes works out… and sometimes I took pictures of Button’s head. 😉 After those 2 pictures, my film was full, and I had packed the extra films way down in my panniers…

These I took with my Diana F+ on Lomography turquoise 120-film:


And the pictures taken with Edixa on 35mm Kodak 200 color film:


keep photographing and smiling

your Fairy


  1. I’m not so good with different kinds of cameras now. I only have my SLR camera and of course my mobile phone.

    This is why I asked. Are the pictures with your analog camera always so blurred or did you intentionally blur them?

    • Both Diana cameras are more experimental, so pictures often get blurred. Sometimes its also because I messed the setting up 😉 I kind of like the more artsy feel, but that’s also the reason I take the edixa with me, because I know she is foolproof and will get a clear picture no matter what.

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