adventure preparation 16 – polls for improvement


My next bicycle trips are getting planned, and I am wondering how I can make them and the posts about them more interesting for you. For my last tour around the little belt, I wrote 15 adventure-preparation-posts about the planned trip, gear, my fears, and such. Were they interesting for you?

(you can pick more than 1 answer)

Then I did my daily posts while being on tour: I wrote a personal report about my day, with pictures of my break-places and the km it took me to get there. I also shared with you in the “day in numbers” how many km I cycled in total that day and how much money I spent, and then wrote down Buttons, Leifs and my favorite part of the day.

(you can pick more than 1 answer)

So what should I change when I get on my next tour? What would make this more interesting for you? How would you feel more like you are traveling with us?

(you can pick more than 1 answer)

Thank you for taking the time to answer my polls! Your feedback means a lot to me!

Do you have another idea, that does not fit into the polls? I look forward to hearing about it!

keep exploring and smiling

your TailorFairy


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