adventure preparation 18


I got myself some new gear this week. Wondering how so little things could be in such a big box…

After digging through that plastic I found my order 😉 Anyhow, the green ball is my new travel-pillow by Cocoon, I already test-slept one night on it, and it seems to be fine. I needed a new one after my old one started to get really wobbly within the night and needed to be inflated again. And since I was disappointed with their customer service, I decided to try a new brand. 😉

The yellow strips are probably the cause for the big box because they are long. They are ZLOK by Hiplok, which are zip ties you can open up again with a key. Of course, they are not secure enough to keep Leif save, but to secure the panniers or the helmet they will probably be great, I will keep you updated. 😉

In other news, I found a great new website, or I should say a great function of an already known website. In Denmark, wild camping is forbidden, but they have lawns and meadows where you are allowed to camp if there is still space. And following some general rules of course. Anyways, all those camping spots are on one internet map called, which actually means out in Nature. Well, here you can see all those camping spots over Denmark:


It shows toilets and where you can get drinking water. I love this map, I will use it so much next year when I am cycling the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route! And so glad I discovered it now.

Well, I studied (about) 15 minutes Danish 6 days this week, did 2 strength workouts, and cycled 31.53km in 1:59:50.

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keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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