adventure preparation 17


After my first long bicycle tour in June, I am hooked on bicycle touring. 😉 So, of course, I am already planning a new trip for next summer.

I did a part of the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route this year, so what would be more logic, than doing the whole tour next year.

(pictures from the book/map Ostsee-Radweg Dänemark by Bikeline in VerlagEsterbauer)

It will be at least 800 km. I played it through with 4 shorter starting days and a really short day every fifth day and this way it should take me 16 days. I will have 19 days, so 3 days to relax after, or if needed for emergencies on tour. 😉

So, what else do I do already to prepare for next year and the big tour? Planning some shorter trips, I will be telling you about in the future.

And I picked up studying Danish again. I started some years ago, back then with Rosetta Stone, when they still had Danish in their repertoire. Afterward, it got more difficult to find things for intermediate or even advanced learners. So I studied, lost interest, started studying again… a lot over the last years. Well, anyways I picked it up again, with another software. Which is ok, but … Has anyone of you ever learned a language studying at home? What did you use?

Anyways I studied almost everyday this week, 6 days with 15 minutes each. (proud of myself)

I also do some sports to keep myself fit, which hopefully also helps with my tour. This week it was swimming 1 day and 2 days with strength training.

Of course, I also do cycle pretty much anywhere in my daily life. I have not reset my bicycle computer for 3 weeks since cycling to Lübeck, so within that time I pedaled:

109.79 km

To make my preparation and tour posts more interesting for you, please take part in my polls, it’s just 3 questions to answer, and they do not require anything else, like signing in. Thank you!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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