cycling to Lübeck


Leif, Button, and I went on another trip to Lübeck to visit my uncle. This time we took a slightly different route, to avoid the big streets and I have to say we improved a lot:

After Sülfeld we cycled on this nice old railway until Bad Oldesloe, where I went into a restaurant and got some lunch. 33.42 km and 2:02:39 cycle time. Just to compare it to February I sat in the same restaurant, and the stats were: 32.35km and 2:29:21 time.

In the end, we reached our destination after 72.28 km and 4:44:41 time spent cycling, instead of in February: 66.83km and 5:25:11 time spent cycling.

I would say we improved a lot. It’s probably the training from my bicycle tour, but still… most improved was actually my mood. Last time I had to talk myself into staying on track. This time I was enjoying the ride and singing. This song got stuck in my head, do you know it? It’s from the movie brother bear and starts with: Tell everybody I am on my way… The little bear is singing it. 😉 I think I have that song somewhere, I need to download it to my cellphone, I only could sing the first verses…

Other than that we had some rain today, but nothing too bad.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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