Button at the Hansa Park


Button and I went with my aunt and uncle to the Hansa Park today, which was Buttons first time at an amusement park. For most of the rollercoasters, he was too small, but a few rides he could join in:


Or just enjoyed watching 😉

My aunt and uncle also said that Button needs to see their little house, they called philosophers-house:


keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



  1. […] I had this foldable backpack by IREGRO (via Amazon) with me, which got used a lot: I carried my cooking things to the kitchen, my bathroom stuff and everything else around in it when I was at the camping ground and not in my tent. 😉 I like it a lot, and I will definitely take it on my next trip. (Which I just did on my journey to Lübeck, I used it for our day at the HansaPark.) […]

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