coast cycling day 5


Charlotte, Button and I have reached Lübeck despite the headwind which was fighting us.

I actually finished with everything at 10:10 am today. But I still had to pay. Until there was room for me in the office and everything paid for and done, it was 10:30 am again.

It was a grey and stormy day, which I generally like around the coast. Around 11 am I was so hungry I decided to do a quick break to eat something at a bus stop. Not very pretty = no pictures. And I needed the strength because the wind turned to be a headwind. And there are some hills before/around Sierksdorf.

And in Sieksdorf is the Hansa-Park, as you might see from the pictures. It was hilarious what you could see when from a distance.

Then we finally rolled down to the beach and cycled along the coast until Scharbeutz, which is such a pretty way to cycle, but the headwind stayed and tried to push us back.

17.1km in 1:35:44 h cycling and pushing

Then it got complicated with the way in Timmendorf and Niendorf, due to very confusing signs… but I finally managed to leave the coast and cycle through small villages towards my uncles home. My uncle (and my grandparents) lived there all my life, so I know many of the streets around there. Mostly because we always had to hike on them, when visiting the family.;)

We reached our destination at 2:30 pm.

So tomorrow is a zero-day, and then I will see how I will get back home on Sunday, maybe take the train for part of it, depending on the weather and mainly the wind.


We cycled today:

33.73  km

3:12:33 h moving Charlotte

average speed: 10.53 km/h (a little faster than yesterday :o)

max speed: 22.04 km/h

money spent:

15€ for the campground


Do you have any questions about the trip so far? About my gear, Charlotte, Button? I will write some thoughts about the trip and my gear tomorrow and would like to include your questions.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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