bicycle tour gear review – panniers 3




I just went on an 8-day tour around the little belt with my trusty bicycle Leif. Here is a bit of what I had packed, what I used, what not, and what I would do differently next time.

The things I carried around in the panniers are the following:

  1. kitchen/food
  2. toiletries
  3. technology
  4. clothes/towels/backpack
  5. extra tubes (just in case)
  6. films and lenses
  7. all packed up in dry bags or ziplock-bags

Today I want to move on to technology, here are the things I had packed in my panniers (I already told you about my cellphone and Ipad in my fanny-pack):


That is a 13” Mac Book Air, a Networx 26800mAh Powerbank, and the chargers for them and my cellphone, Ipad and flashlight.

I used everything except the charger for the flashlight because I did not use the light, as I told you before.

But I already think about a smaller and lighter solution for the chargers. 😉

This would be a short post, so I decided to tell you also about my backpack and towels today since the clothing next week will be more than enough to talk about. 😉

I had this foldable backpack by IREGRO (via Amazon) with me, which got used a lot: I carried my cooking things to the kitchen, my bathroom stuff and everything else around in it when I was at the camping ground and not in my tent. 😉 I like it a lot, and I will definitely take it on my next trip. (Which I just did on my journey to Lübeck, I used it for our day at the HansaPark.)


I also had these three towels with me. They are all from Decathlon, microfiber and very lightweight and foldable to a tiny size, and they do dry really fast.

The blue one got used for the dishes and was knotted around Leif’s seat the whole time if anything else needed drying.

The pink and orange one I used for me, and the pink one on the rainy day also as a helmet cover. 😉 So the rain would not drop onto my head through the holes in the helmet, I guess it looked hilarious, but it worked.

They would all get packed again.

Do you have any questions about my gear or about my tour? Do not hesitate to ask!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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