bicycle tour gear review – panniers 1


I just went on an 8-day tour around the little belt with my trusty bicycle Leif. Here is a bit of what I had packed, what I used, what not, and what I would do differently next time.

Today I want to tell you a bit about what I had packed into my panniers. But first about the panniers in general: I made them myself, and I have to admit that at some point while sewing I really doubted if this was a good idea. Or if it would be better just to go and buy myself some…. And then I was amazed how well they worked, especially with the sometimes lousy weather we had, they survived the rain and the water splashing up from the street.



I mean part of it was probably because at the top it was covered by the red bag, but still…


The things I carried around in the panniers are the following:

  1. kitchen/food
  2. toiletries
  3. technology
  4. clothes/towels/backpack
  5. extra tubes (just in case)
  6. films and lenses
  7. all packed up in dry bags or ziplock-bags

5-7 are pretty self-explanatory that I would retake them. But for 1-4 I want to take my time, so today a little bit about number 1: kitchen/food

  • My pot with lid was used a lot and worked well, but as you can see, it is not a camping pot. It was just the smallest and lightest I had. I will buy a camping-pot for my next trip.
  • The camping stove (by hikenture) I did not use, but I would pack it again, you never know if you always have a kitchen, you can use.
  • The bowl with lid was used a lot (it is from IKEA and was already in my kitchen), I would probably retake it, it has good size and is light. It also takes boiling water without melting or doing anything else weird.
  • I took way to many utensils, I took another picture of the improved version further down this post.
  • My supplements are a difficult topic. Over the days I got problems swallowing the bigger pills, so some of them I could not take anymore. I actually do not know why the swallowing got so hard. But I probably would retake some supplements.
  • The gas for the stove I did not use either, but I would retake it, just like the stove. 😉
  • Those bags are just some of the leftovers of all the food I had packed. I would pack a lot of food again, but I would also buy more things on the road.
  • That is my smallest dry bag, which I used to carry around my sponge/dishcloth (by Kochblume) and rinsing agent, which I used a lot. Duh ;). Of course, I would retake them.
  • I forgot these 2 on my first picture: my cutting board (by Clas Olson) I would take again, and next time I will take the salt from the beginning. (That is the one I bought in the first supermarket I passed)

So here is the close-up-picture of my utensils:


On the left my new and improved version. I actually only used the orange knife (by Victorinox), which is quite sharp and can cut vegetables and such, and the yellow spoon (by Nanu Nana). I would take the bamboo spoon for stirring and cooking, and the green set just in case. On the right the bamboo fork, knife, and straw, I would not take on my next trip. (Roll and bamboo utensils by Bambaw)

It is fascinating how few things you need to keep yourself fed.

Do you have any questions about this so far? About my kitchen supplies? About anything else of my gear? Or my tour? Do not hesitate to ask!

Tomorrow I’ll be working again and will start with my usual blogging schedule, so the next part of the gear review will be online next Sunday.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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