bicycle tour gear review – panniers 4



I just went on an 8-day tour around the little belt with my trusty bicycle Leif. Here is a bit of what I had packed, what I used, what not, and what I would do differently next time.

I already wrote about my front basket and my sleeping/camping set-up.

The things I carried around in the panniers are the following:

  1. kitchen/food
  2. toiletries
  3. technology
  4. clothes/towels/backpack
  5. extra tubes (just in case)
  6. films and lenses
  7. all packed up in dry bags or ziplock-bags

Today lets talk about the clothes I had packed in my panniers and the things I would pack next time.

But first things first: Happy Birthday, Button 6 years ago, you joined my life and this little blog! Thank you!


As I already told you, I had packed my rain clothes in the front basket. So let’s get into the other clothes:

I am not sure if I will pack the vest again, I will definitely wear it for day tours, but I wore it only 2 days and the rest it was packed and pretty voluminous…

The jacket will come with me on every bicycle tour, its lightweight, warm, and dries fast. I love it.

The T-Shirt (and my new one) will get packed again. The Long-sleeve I will only take in colder weather.

Jeans and shorts will be replaced. The Jeans worked well, but they took longer to dry, and I was wearing them all days, besides the last 16 km from the train station home in Hamburg. So I bought myself some new lightweight outdoor-pants, with zip-off-legs, and will probably get another pair as well. (picture below)

My hats will be on my next tour, for sure. I wore both at the camping grounds when I took off my helmet. The knit-hat kept my hair from dripping or worked against rain and the sun-hat (as the name says) against the sun… and both covered my helmet-hair. :p

I also had 3 sets of underwear and socks, which I washed every 2-3 days, to have always clean ones. And a pyjama of course. Those will go on my next trip as well.

clothes1 (copy)

Maybe you remember how my butt started hurting the last days, so I actually bought one of those ridiculous bicycle-underpants with a sewn-in butt-cushion. I stand corrected, they might look weird, but they are comfy! I will probably get a second one for my next longer tour, so I can change and wash.

The outdoor pants are by Bergson and the underpants by Souke, both found on Amazon.



So that concludes the list of things I had with me on my bicycle trip.

Do you have any questions? Ideas, suggestions, tips, experiences?

I am already planning some short tours (within the next months) and a long one (next spring/summer). What would you like to know about them? Should I add videos?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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