133km: one weekend on a bike-travel with Button


Button, Leif and I went on an adventure: We traveled to Lübeck, 66.5km one way, to visit my aunt and uncle. Friday we biked there, and I have to admit after 50km my thighs hated me. I had to get there by 5pm because of sundown, and I did not want to bike in the dark. And we made it! 🙂 I am kinda proud of myself. Then I had a nice Friday evening and Saturday with my family and today we biked back, which was almost better, just because the sun was shining today. My thighs still hate me though ;). By the way, its winter here and we have about 0°Celsius, oh and northern Germany has a lot more hills than I anticipated.

I took some pictures for you:

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of course, I took a lot more pictures with my Diana baby, I’ll show you the pics after I got them developed.

My plan for the rest of today: rest.

keep sewing, smiling and biking

your TailorFairy


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