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I am going to start a new post-series: I have some vacation-days in May, and I am planning to spend them bicycle-riding through Denmark. Before I finally can leave with Leif and Button there are quite a few things to prepare. So starting now I will post every Sunday about newly bought and made supplies and gear, my thoughts, hopes, and fears for this bicycle tour:

  • Button needs a better seat for example, he is kind of disappearing in the basket:

IMG_1215 (Original post about another bike tour)

  • I need a fanny pack to carry some things always close to myself. I am thinking about maybe weaving my own ribbons for this. 🙂
  • I plan on camping, so I need a tent and some other things. (but trying to get it all together, with a very low budget, so there is a challenge)
  • Packing lists and weather forecast…
  • a lot of things I am not thinking about yet

I am looking forward to sharing the process (and hopefully the tour), and hope this will be interesting for you, too.

keep exploring and smiling

your TailorFairy



  1. […] The year started with preparing for my first “test-tour” to Lübeck by crafting a helmet for Button and then cycling it. It was hard for me after 50km my legs really hurt, but I still managed to cycle all the way back 2 days later. So I felt I could do a multi-day bicycle tour in May and started preparing for that. […]

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