adventure preparation 9


this is a weekly post series about me preparing for a bicycle tour. If you want to read from the beginning and didn’t already do so, you can find the posts here: the idea, the planned tour,  some of my gearmy packing list,  Buttons seat+more gear,  planned blog posts while on tour, new fabrics and gear, tent

only 3 weeks left to prepare… 

For the last days, my thumbs started hurting, the left one is worse and the right one just a little sensitive. I am guessing it might be tenosynovitis or something similar…

of course, I am trying my best to let them rest. I even bandaged the left one some days so I would not move it as much. I am hoping and praying they heal within in the next 3 weeks because gripping the handlebar of Leif is not possible in my normal way at the moment, so I feel a lot less in control. Not mentioning all the other things that are a lot more difficult without thumbs…

Nonetheless did Button, Leif and I cycle to an outdoor-fair today with tents, stoves, packing bags, bicycles, and boats to see and try… I guess that would have been a lot more interesting when you have some experience and need new gear, or do not have any gear at all. For me, it wasn’t because I have all the gear I think I will need, and I don’t know yet, which I might want to replace after the tour. But I will definitely set it on my list again for next year. 😉

I can’t wait for the weather forecast to say what to expect while my tour, but I checked the general weather conditions for May in Danmark:

6.5°C -15°C Temperature and 8 rain-days, which I hope will be on the days in May I am not cycling there. 😉

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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