adventure preparation 5


this is a weekly post series about me preparing for a bicycle tour. If you want to read from the beginning and didn’t already do so, you can still find the posts here: the idea, the planned tour,  some of my gear and my packing list.

only 7 weeks left to prepare… :O

This week I show you some new gear + Buttons seat and my plan for my daily blog-posts on the trip.

First chapter: Buttons seat

IMG_0040 (copy)as you all could see from my work in progress pictures I made a template out of an old milk-carton andIMG_0041 (copy) because it worked so well with the helmet I used FIMO again.

This is the seat:

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I am not sure yet if I will really use this, or make another version… maybe a textile version… I am not loving this yet.

Second chapter: new gear

IMG_0045 (copy)

my new sleeping pad by Hikenture. I am planning a test sleep on it with my sleeping bag.

IMG_0047 (copy)

Gas for my stove I already showed you. (link on the top)

IMG_0048 (copy)

and of course 2 extra tubes for Leif… you never know what will happen…


third chapter: daily blog-posts 

As I already told you last time, I plan on posting daily about our trip. I think this will be easier with a template, and also more comparable, and hopefully still fun to read. So at the moment, I am planning my blog-post-template:

  • Leif’s news: km traveled, road conditions, favorite part of the day
  • Buttons news: weather, views and pictures taken, favorite part of the day
  • Fairys news: people and cities, sleeping place, favorite part of the day

What do you think? Does that sound interesting? What else would you like to know? Or what would you like to know about instead?

I am still thinking to add: money spent, but I am just so unsure if that would be interesting, or maybe even oversharing for some people…

keep exploring and smiling

your TailorFairy


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