spring cleaning my sewing space 2


the decluttering continues! (first part) I got through another storage rack today, found some treasure again, some things to give away and lots to throw away…


that’s what my corner looked like when I started


the rack I decluttered last time and after today


the rack, I tackled today… and the final result


this shelve looks fine for now, but when I got through the whole room, I will get back to it. These are my patterns, some in the folders, some in boxes… all without any system or order. I will have to change that and take the time to organize them. 😉

And the treasure you might ask?


this artwork was painted by the same artist that once upon a time designed my logo.  Sadly I lost contact (which is partly my fault), nonetheless, I really like this picture. You can see some more of his work here. Now I just have to find a nice place for it.

keep sewing, exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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