adventure preparation 15


This is a post series about me preparing for a bicycle tour. If you want to read from the beginning and didn’t already do so, you can find the posts here: the idea, the planned tour,  some of my gearmy packing list,  Buttons seat+more gear,  planned blog posts while on tour, new fabrics and gear, tent, tenosynovitis, new saddle and grips, bag, pannier, grip covers and new seat for Button, new plan, Buttons seat and fanny pack, weather forecast

No days left to prepare, or 1 more night of sleep…

Today I finished my sewing…

and let me tell you if I ever sew panniers again, I will sew the strap on, right at the start. It was really tricky to sew in the middle of 2 bags.

At the moment my packing is still a little chaotic… 😉

Any last minute tips?

Let’s see where I am next evening. I am very excited and nervous at the same time!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy 

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