adventure preparation 11


This is a weekly post series about me preparing for a bicycle tour. If you want to read from the beginning and didn’t already do so, you can find the posts here: the idea, the planned tour,  some of my gearmy packing list,  Buttons seat+more gear,  planned blog posts while on tour, new fabrics and gear, tent, tenosynovitis, new saddle and grips

only 1 week left to prepare… 

My tenosynovitis sadly is still going on, and I will check with a doctor tomorrow if I can or should go on my trip as planned. 😦 I really hope there is a solution. But for now, I decide to believe all will work out and so I was as busy as I could be with my thumbs. As I said before crocheting, funnily enough, works well, so I crocheted covers for my new grips:

I will see if this works well while pedaling or if it might be slippery and I take them off again.

I am also working on another seat for Button:

I am sewing 2 more things at the moment: my fanny pack

and my Panniers:


See the little bicycles from this work in progress pictures? I painted them on the back of my panniers in reflective paint:


I bought it at buttinette and I really like it because I sometimes think as a cyclist you cannot be too reflective. 😉

If anyone has a great tip about healing tenosynovitis or bicycle touring it is greatly appreciated!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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