thumbless days – chapter 17


Today I went to that bicycle convention I told you about. It was pretty impressive, even though I did not need anything new for Leif, and another bicycle, maybe more suitable for traveling is still far in the future. First I have to see if I even like cycling for more days and then I have to save enough money ;).

But of course, I found something I had to buy: an inflatable chair, that is very light and folds down to a small size. I wanted to show it to you, but I have not yet mastered how to inflate it properly, or inside is just not enough space. 😉IMG_0169


I pedaled to the convention which was about 17km each way. It felt really nice to be outside again, exercising and moving, but my thumbs hated it. It got excruciating towards the end. I should have gone by train… 😦

I do not want to know how much worse it would have been if I did not have my bar ends, so that was a good investment, and the crocheted covers seem to work, too.

Afterward, I went to buy some groceries and cooked dinner and now some TV before sleeping and hoping my thumbs will forgive me tomorrow.

keep on smiling

your Fairy




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