thumbless days – chapter 18


After 2 very dull days, I spent trying to rest my thumbs, I went back to the doctor today. He gave me a cortisone injection in my left hand, and it feels peculiar now. But I hope it is worth it and soon it will finally get better!

I am really getting close to my limit here, I am an emotional wreck because of the constant pain and just not being able to move normally. 😦

My right hand is another story, it is definitely not the same as the left one, but the same degree of uncomfortable. So I will see what to do about it when I fixed the left hand. Let’s hope I do not have to do surgery to accomplish that.

If my hand gets better soon, I have the chance to take my vacation days in the middle of June and do my bike tour. (or I might have to wait until next year 😦 )

So wish me luck!

keep on smiling (I am working on it)

your Fairy

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