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Happy Easter! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and found a lot Easter Eggs!

This is a weekly post series about me preparing for a bicycle tour. If you want to read from the beginning and didn’t already do so, you can find the posts here: the idea, the planned tour,  some of my gearmy packing list,  Buttons seat+more gear,  planned blog posts while on tour, new fabrics and gear, tent, tenosynovitis

only 2 weeks left to prepare… 

My tenosynovitis and the pressure on my pubic bone when sitting on my old saddle decided that I need to invest in new grips and a new saddle before my tour.

I actually thought it about it for a while now, mostly the saddle, since I just slipped up and down the seat, or if I had the right seating, it put pressure on my pubic bone. So I was already looking and collecting information when those thumbs started to hate me, and I feared I would have to postpone my tour.

So I started looking for bar-ends, so I could change my grip more often and give my thumbs more rest. I often thought while cycling I would love bar-ends on longer tours. And I found ergonomic grips with bar ends from the same company that produced the saddle I decided to buy. So I spent a huge amount of money on:


As you can see the company I bought this from is named ERGON and those are the ST Core Prime woman saddle and GP5-L grips. And sadly they only come in black… which isn’t exactly my favorite color 😦 but I already found a solution, you will see in a few pictures.

(well to be fair, the grips also come in cork+black, but the saddle only in black)

First I had to get the old saddle and grips off of Leif and replace them with the new ones. Which was a lot easier than expected with the saddle, and a lot-lot-lot harder than expected with the grips:


It took a lot of screwdrivers to loosen the grips and a lot of force to pull them off the handle-bars. If I ever were to do that again, I need somebody to help me by just holding the handle-bar while pulling them off. I had to take quite some breaks and now my other fingers hurt, too.

But I finally got them off and the new ones on:


Leifs new look! I took a short test ride today and it feels pretty good. I have to get used to the new saddle though, but I think it will only take a few days. It’s mostly just sitting on a different part of the saddle, then with my old really wide one.

And did you find my solution for the color? Yeah, funnily enough, I hardly can dress and undress, do the dishes and do a lot more things, but I can crochet. The covers for the grips are already a work in progress.

While I was shopping for Leif, I also got him a new bell. A really tiny one:


Which I had to use on our short test drive and it ringed like a big bell. But I definitely like the design better, and that it is so tiny. 🙂 This one is from BellFan.

You might wonder, why I even have to have a bell, but that’s one of the rules bicycle have to fulfill if they want to be cycled on German streets: They have to have brakes, a bell, a white light + white reflector in the front and red light + reflector at the rear, and reflectors in yellow or white at the tires.

I am still pretty nervous about my thumbs and all the other stuff that could go wrong, but I am an optimist at heart so I have to believe that what I do is enough to heal the thumbs up enough to cycle in 2 weeks and 2 days and that everything else will also work out. I really want to do this tour!

Anyone having any tips? About bicycle tours or how to heal tenosynovitis? Any tips are highly appreciated.

keep exploring and smiling 

your Fairy


  1. Are you sure you want to crochet for the handlebars? I could imagine that it could get slippery. To change the colour, there is also a coloured grip strap for tennis rackets, for example. Would certainly be safer than wool

    • that is a good idea, I will test my crochet, and keep your idea in mind if they do not work the way I thought it would. I do not like that tape for bike handle-bars, because it’s usually to make it softer, and I don’t need that, I never thought about tennis rackets. thank you!

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