TailorFairy and Instagram


originally this post was planned as “TailorFairy is now on Instagram”, but after I created an account I noticed that I could not post one thing before I would tell them my cellphone number. Additionally, it seemed, I could only operate this in an app I would have to download to my phone or iPad. Of course, they would love to always be operative because you can’t sign out an app. 😉

Maybe I am weird about these things. As I already wrote some years ago: my weird love/hate relationship with technology.

I am sure Instagram is a wonderful site to share and connect, I just hope you all can accept my decision, not to open an account under those conditions.

Or maybe someone can tell me how to get around giving a cellphone number and how to only use Instagram in my browser? (And log out after)

keep questioning and smiling

your Fairy

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