my weird love/hate relationship with technology


in a time when we are all surrounded by technology, I sometimes feel like an alien preferring in lots of things still the analogue version. But on the other hand I really do love some digital things. I do like the internet for allowing me to connect with so many people all over the world… and I don’t like the internet because I get the feeling lots of people look for connections only there and loose their ability to keep up friendships in “real life”. Being online and staying up to date takes up so much time and because of that I noticed I have a problem connecting with people who do not have any analogue hobbies anymore.  Or they do not know how to connect with me, being old fashioned in their eyes somehow…

My new cellphone is not “smart” I decided for another one, that can call and message and even take pictures, but does not have a thousand apps on it that take a lot of time and energy. I only need to recharge it about every 10 days. I like it better that way. Actually those smart phones… or pocket computers that can make calls, sometimes overwhelmed me. So I was happy my provider put those other cellphones back in stock.

I do own a digital camera that allows me to take great pictures for my blog, but I really like my analogue camera, with which I am still shooting on film, and sometimes wonder about the developed pictures because I cant remember what I wanted to photograph.

My calendar is still on paper, but I love excel to keep track of my spending habits and a lot of other things. I own analogue and computer based sewing machines… and both have their pros and cons. Even though I prefer my old electric sewing machines at least for buttonholes I love my computer based sewing machine, I would not like to miss that.

Because of all my moving in the past I love itunes and netflix, because they keep my dvd-collection small, and kindle, because I can carry around thousands of books in a small bag.

How about you? What technologies do you need in your life and which you do not like? Is sewing an analogue or an digital hobby? considering computer-y sewing machines and the online sewing community?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



  1. you are just the opposite to me like my brother. I’m a tech nerd hihi. I use a smartphone and an iPad. I build my own computer and just trying to learn how to program. I so love technology. Since I was a child I always wanted to know how things are working. And it never changed 🙂 My mom always said something went wrong with my brother and me because I love technology and science but my brother hates it hehehe

    • 🙂 well I like a lot of things about technology, I guess what I dislike the most, is how it takes over pretty much every part of life and lots of people seem to forget that living was possible without it as well 😉

      • I know what you mean.When I was a child we didnt had smartphones or iPods or whatever. We went out for playing and sport not using a game console, we communicated face to face not with apps, didnt sit for hours on computer … Our social life has been personally not with technology.

      • yeah exactly… and I think technology could be a great addition, but then I see people writing on their phones while being with friends… and I wonder if it is not an replacement instead of a addition.

      • Not all of it. He just isnt interested to learn new technology. He has a very old mobile and a computer. But he is using his computer rarely because he doesnt shop online, has no social media accounts, reads only real books and newspapers and so on. He is with technology more old-fashioned then my parents lol

  2. I have a love hate thing going on with technology, like you I need it for my blog and love the fact I can browse the Internet for whatever I need (but don’t like internet shopping that much) I like Facebook to stay in touch with my family since I live in Suriname and they live in the Netherlands and curaçao. But i miss the actual contact of looking in someone s eyes or see them smile you know just feel really connected. Still prefer books over ebooks, I still send cards via post office, like to go shopping with friends and love to spend time real time with people! And hate when people are texting or apping in company. Ooo and that people expect you to answer your phone at all hours. With all the technology we are available 24 hours. I really dont like that (so i don’t alway answer (but I love love caller ID)

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