how to sew… a small bag with zipper part2


here are the last steps for the small bag with zipper:


last week I sewed the zipper into the bag


and the lining

DSCF7936now I pinned my middle part to one lining partDSCF7937

and sewed them at the 3 sides together


the lining is bigger as the middle part, so the fabric is folded up at the still open corners…


now I pinned the side-seams


and sewed them together from the corner in the lining to the corner of the cork-fabric over the zipper. I also sewed the bottom seams in cork-fabric and lining but left a small opening in the lining


then I folded the corner to corner and sewed

DSCF7943 now I turned all right side out through the opening I left in the lining seamDSCF7944

looks like this

DSCF7945now I turned my lining into my bagDSCF7946

and pulled the seam allowance of the corners through the opening and sewed them together – this way the lining is fixed inside and will not pull out when you pull something from the bag.


after doing that to both corners I closed the opening


to keep the lining from being caught in the zipper I sewed parallel the the zipper


and my bag is finished:DSCF7950 DSCF7951 DSCF7952

It certainly proofed already to be really handy, keeping my little things together and organized.

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

Do you like my lining fabric? you can order it here.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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