pedal to dinner


Tonight I was meeting up with some equally glutenfree friends for dinner in the center of Hamburg. So, of course, I planned to pedal with Leif there. My original plan was to leave a little earlier and browse around in a big bicycle store, conveniently right on my way. But I had ordered something and waited all day long for the delivery until it was six and I had to leave if I did not want to be late.

I mean if I order something to be delivered on a particular date, I know that I can be home all day… but not necessarily all night too. 😦 So apparently they tried to deliver at 8:41 pm… and try again tomorrow. When I have to work, but I might be home in the evening… so tomorrow they surely will try during the day. 😉

Anyways it was a warm and sunny day and cycling into the city was fun, also for all the other cyclists I saw I guess, and I reached the glutenfree Pizzaria we were meeting at just fine after 18.23km and 1 hour and 5 minutes. I am pretty proud of myself for being that fast. Leif is even prouder:


On the way back we walked some km with a friend until her train station, and it was dark, so we got slower. Also because I had to watch out for pedestrians looking more at the cellphones than on the street, but at least a cell glows so I can see the dark dressed person… and for the bicycles without light. Cars I always have to look out for 😉

So, in the end, it was a total of 36.56 km traveled in 2:31:08 time.

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keep exploring and smiling 

your Fairy

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