Happy Birthday to me!


It is my birthday once more, and I want to thank all of you sticking with my little blog for the 2 years I hadn’t posted and through the changes I made when I started blogging again!

So, what happened in the last year? I discovered bicycle traveling for me, started blogging regularly again, got tenosynovitis, and rediscovered my love for maps.

Wishes and plans for next year:

  • More bicycle tours and a longer one.
  • Keep on blogging, sewing, photographing, exploring, and smiling.
  • Maybe getting a travel bicycle, Leif would appreciate the help with gravel roads and long trips, when I can save up enough money. (perhaps it will take more than one year)
  • Keep on exercising and watching my diet, to keep feeling fit and the body I am feeling good in. 😉

If you want to give me something for my birthday, I would highly appreciate your taking part in my poll about future blog posts! 🙂

If you feel like getting me something I made a wishlist on amazon with things I need for (or would like to take on) my next travels: amazon wishlist

keep smiling 

your Fairy


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