cycling around the little belt 4


I survived today, even though the weather tried really hard if I was water-soluble. Other than that it was nice-people-day. ūüôā

Last night I decided to invest 2 x 2 DKK for 2 x 2 Minutes of a warm shower. Which was nice, but then it rained all night… and all of today. I had to pack up the tent in the rain before I was even more cautious about getting everything into waterproof bags and such. That’s also why I do not have any pictures today, all cameras and my cellphone were packed away and it never really stopped raining.

So no wonder packing up took longer than expected, I took off almost an hour late. Also, because I kept hoping for a rain-break. And then there was the up and down again, Leif went through a few oceans that occupied the streets. And we reached Assens, which was a charming town, lots of old houses. And there, under a tree, I took my first break after about 12 km. Then we went rolling on until I reached a parking lot for RV’s and there was a nice big bench, and it wasn’t raining as bad. So 2nd break: 26 km. The Neighbor came out talking to me and even offered Coffee and Bread. Sadly I do not drink coffee, and bread, as you know, I have to stick to a gluten-free diet. But I thought it was so kind. And more up and down. Actually, it was to bad about the weather, I would have enjoyed quite some spectacular views.

Around 39 km I reached the first possible camping ground, it was about 3 pm, and I decided I would take another 15 km on and go all the way to Middelfart. But at 42 km I took a break first and finally reached my camping ground, totally wet and in the rain around 5:30 pm.

I tried the tumbler for 20 DKK, and even though it did a little, things were still damp. But the kitchen was warm, so I decided to use it and myself as a tumbler/iron and put my jeans and sweater back on. Well, I think it is almost ok now and the weather forecast for tomorrow is good. ūüôā

The kitchen was another nice people place, I talked to a kind German woman, who gave me an egg to eat with my dinner. Later I met this nice woman who did not know German or English but tried her best to understand my poor Danish and gestures.

The day in numbers:

57.93 km

5:16:37 hours spent pedaling and pushing

132 DKK for the camping ground with the warm kitchen, with tables and chairs in it + 4 DKK for the warm shower last night and 20 DKK for the tumbler. Oh, and 2 ‚ā¨ for additional internet-capacity on my cellphone, to keep blogging.

Leifs favorite part of the day: The big puddles we had to go through.

Buttons favorite part of the day: He hated today, to keep him dry he had to ride under a cover and could not see anything.

My favorite part of the day: the nice people I’ve met

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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