Cycling around the little belt 6


2 more days and I will be home again… My knees and thighs seem to finally get used to the movement, but now my butt is starting to hurt worse. Maybe I can just sit it out ūüėČ

The idea with the handwarmer inside the sleeping¬†bag was a disaster, never try that unless it’s freezing outside. ūüėČ I still managed to sleep in, meaning 30 mins longer than¬†usual. But I got on the road at 10:30 am, so yay me. The hill was still there, of course, so we started climbing again and after got without trouble to Christiansfeld:


Which is a charming town, as you can see, they invented some special kind of gingerbread here, that’s what the bakery in the middle is selling. This was after 11 km, sadly I forgot to write the exact numbers down.

So then we got back on our way to Haderslev:

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Which we reached after 27.75 km and 2:23:23 hours of pedalling. It was almost picturesque, I really liked the historic centre.

But afterwards, the pushing started again, some hills in my way. But I also saw something quite impressive: I was cycling towards a roundabout/traffic circle, and my cycling lane went down under it, and I was wondering how that would turn out… there was a bicycle-roundabout below the traffic circle for the cars. :O I was amazed.

Well, the resting place search started again, until I decided to just go until the camping ground, but then I saw this and had to take a break:

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42.19 km and 3:41:02

When we left we fell, luckily no one got hurt, but I was quite shaken about losing control like this. But we all reached the camping ground unharmed and happy. It is right at the Baltic Sea, so Button and I went the few meters and just enjoyed the view for a bit:

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The day in numbers:

45.58 km

3:55:38 hours pedalling and pushing

30 DKK for tomatoes and a smoothie + 95 DKK for the camping ground + 10 DKK for the shower (I could have done with 5, but I wanted to enjoy it ūüôā )

Leifs favourite part of the day: being on the road again, after that few km on a really tricky gravel road.

Buttons favourite part of the day: Being noticed and greeted when I checked us into the camping ground.

My favourite part of the day: The 2 lovely cities, the views, and that smoothie I drank right outside the supermarket and fresh tomatoes to snack on and put into my dinner. Oh, and that shower.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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