cycling around the little belt 7


Well, they say God created the world in 6 days and the 7th he spent resting. I understand why. I felt like jello today, but I pedaled on and am back in Kollund. This time at the other camping ground. Camping mega-city would be more accurate. It’s almost overwhelming, I am thinking of the small ones I encountered I am not sure if this is better, even if it has a pool. But I guess it totally depends on the person.

I actually really made it today and started cycling at 10 am, uphill of course. And I finished my oats in the morning, 6 breakfasts and I have eaten 500g of oats, I guess that should tell me something. 😉

So I reached the first town and my first rest:


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Løjt Kirkeby 10.53km 53:30

I actually was resting right across from that church and was just writing down the numbers, preparing to take a picture, when I noticed a SuperBrugsen (supermarket) right next to it, so you get a picture of Leif in front of the supermarket. 😉

After I got myself new glutenfree oats, we cycled on. And just before Aabenraa, the plan said to use an old rail trail, that’s a bicycle route now, called Knapstien. And it was wonderful. I had to push Leif a steep tiny trail up to reach it. Some couple I saw come after me, turned around when they saw it. But it was so worth it. Like a green tunnel with amazing views. So happy, we reached Aabenraa. Even more so, when there was a toilet on my way. But just when I was sitting down for my break:


Right in the pretty historic center, I noticed I forgot my sunglasses at the bathroom. So I had to go back, found it again 🙂 but decided not to go back there but see if I could find a nice place at the Baltic Sea. Until I just sat down next to the road:


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Aabenraa 20.17 km 2:01:54

About a km later I found a beach… 😉

So after going down to Aabenraa guess what happened next? Uphill again, I even had to push Leif at some points, but we reached Kliplev nonetheless:


And a church again. 😉 Kliplev 33.71 km 3:13:05

Today was the first day I saw other bicyclists with bikes as packed as Leif. But 2 men and the couple did not even say hello or anything, so while I was sitting there, a woman on a packed bicycle passed and said hello. I was delighted.

And guess what I reached her later at her rest point, where we also rested, and we talked for a few minutes. It’s been enjoyable and exciting.


Holbøl 41.25km 3:48:29

Tomorrow I’ll be home, that will be weird…

The day in numbers:

51.76 km

4:37:52 hours pedaled and pushed

69.95 DKK for Oats and dry fruits + the camping ground will tell me tomorrow, what I need to pay, based on water usage or something…

Leifs favorite part of the day: Meeting a fellow travel-bicycle

Buttons favorite part of the day: Driving through swarms of butterflies

My favorite part of the day: Knapstien, butterflies and meeting another woman traveling alone by bicycle.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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