cycling around the little belt 8


To make things interesting this morning started with a thunderstorm, so the tent is in my tub at the moment drying up – again.

I still felt melancholy this morning, packing up my things. Even though I also looked forward to being home again, I felt like cycling a few more days, see some more green trees and fields and the Baltic Sea…

I would have hit my 10-am-goal for leaving if I didn’t still had to pay. So I left at 10:15 back to Gendarmstien. That’s is the nice forest-path I told you about on day 1, where I had to push Leif up a very steep hill. Well, going back it was not that much better, with the gravel still wet from the thunderstorm, I did a lot of pushing again. Also that steep hill, this time going down, I was walking very slowly, holding the brake, scared we would slip on the gravel and fall. There were quite some bicycle travelers coming as I left, I hope they all have a wonderful time.

And then I was at the Skomagerhus again, the border between Germany and Denmark and walked over the bridge connecting those 2 countries:

A few km later, we got to this point again:

Maybe you remember this form the first post, but on that day the view was not as great, but today it was just beautiful.

Now we went on to the train station, got on a train, and back to Hamburg. While on the train I changed into my shorter pants because it was/is really hot in Hamburg.

On those last 16km from the train station back home I noticed something has changed: Those slight uphills on my way, that felt so terrible before … not so bad anymore.

The day in numbers:

27.43 km

2:34:01 time spent pushing and cycling

98 DKK for the camping ground + 2 € for cream cheese I forgot to list yesterday + 23.05€ for my train ticket and 4.40€ for Leifs train ticket.

Leifs favorite part of the day: managing all that km and quite some gravel roads without one mishap or a flat tire.

Buttons favorite part of the day: getting another chance to see the border and Flensburg in beautiful weather and with a good view and the train ride, he just loves trains. 😉

My favorite part of the day: Noticing the hills weren’t that bad anymore and the fresh salad I made myself when I got home.


Tomorrow I’ll try and summarize the tour for you and myself and the day after I will do some gear reviews.

Do you have any questions, about the tour, my experience, or anything else?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



  1. I read your reports every day. It’s nice that you made it home safely.
    How did your thumbs make it through the trip? I hope it didn’t get worse with all the hills you had to push.

    • thank you, glad to hear, you were with me on my trip. The thumbs did surprisingly well, the left thumb felt a little tingly sometimes, but luckily no real pain.

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