adventure preparation 34

(This is a weekly blogging series, started before I did my first weeklong bicycle tour around the little belt on the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.  Now I want to do the whole Bicycle Route next year, and for that, I do some shorter tours to stay in training, study Danish, do other sports, sew some things, plan, map, buy, and worry. And blog about that every Sunday… it is an adventure already.)


Besides cycling, I did a lot of preparation this week. Vaccination, saddle adjustments and some new gear.

I decided to get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis. Denmark and northern Germany are not “danger-zones” for this decease, but I think I will be out in the green all day and even if the danger is low, the more ticks you meet, the higher the risk gets. 😉 And I already have lots of dots on my skin, some entirely black and also some not totally even with the rest of my skin. So ticks are difficult to spot, I still will be looking every day, but if I can get safer at least with one of the deceases you can get from ticks, I will do that. I usually deal pretty well with vaccinations, but this one shut my left arm down for 2 days… and I have to do 2 more of them … But maybe it will get better. Perhaps it was so bad this time because my left arm has not completely healed from my fall yet.

I also readjusted my saddle again… yeah, I know, it is a never-ending story. This time I saw something about the right saddle height for your inner leg length. So when I checked that I noticed my saddle was to low and I had to get it 2cm up at least. Pedalling, it is fine, but for now, I am a little scared of corners. Somehow my centre of gravity has shifted, and I feel very wonky in the corners…

In other news, black-Friday got to Germany, which does not make a lot of sense, because we do not have the holiday. 😉 (We celebrate thanksgiving a lot earlier, somewhen in Oktober normally.) But anyways, of course, there were a lot of bargains, and I had to give in to 2 of them:

A second power bank, but this with solar charging, by Hiluckey. I did not have any chance to test it in the sun yet, just because my windows are facing north.

A video-camera by Crosstour to do some films of my adventures. It is even tinier than my Diana Baby. 😉 I think this will be fun, let us see if I am a good cameraman. What I loved about it already in the first moment was the packaging:

It was so much fun, to depack it! So what do you think about videos for the next tours?

I studied no Danish at all this week (I definitely need to do better), did 7 mornings with 2 yoga-flows, 5 nights training feet + 4 nights with 2 yoga flows, 2 strength workouts and cycled only 16.02 km in 1:02:21 h.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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