I did not do my homework…


I really wanted to do my latest photography challenge, but I forgot something essential. ­čśŽ Some weeks ago I took my Fujifilm camera to work with me because I needed it for something. This weeks photography challenge was about taking a picture of something and letting the background get blurry. To do that I need to make some adjustments at the camera, which I cannot do at my cellphone. I can do those with my analogue cameras, but you will have to wait for those to be developed. I also could do them with my digital Fujifilm camera, but I forgot to take it home with me. So I will have to keep you waiting for another week, sorry.

Does that happen to you, too? That you are┬ásaying┬áto yourself the whole day: “Do not forget to take the camera home with you” … and then you are back home and forgot the camera?

keep photographing and smiling

your Fairy 

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