bicycle cheater quilt print design collection


Some weeks ago, there was a Design Challenge on Spoonflower to create cheater quilts. It might not be shocking that I decided to create a bicycle out of different fabric prints. 🙂

I have to admit, I am pretty proud of this design. I am not into patchwork and quilt work, but I admire everyone who does, it really is an art form. In case you would like to make a quilt out of this, I also added the print designs used for this to the collection, so you could use it for additional sewing to the quilt.

Or maybe you just like one of the prints for some other project?


If you like them, you can order them over at Spoonflower on a variation of fabrics or (wall)paper for your next project, or order some bedding or dining sewn up for you.

keep sewing, designing, and smiling

your Fairy

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