analogue photographs in black and white


I finally won my fight with the scanner and got presentable digital versions of my black and white film I shot back in January. Here are those I like best:

pic1 Station “Berlin-Friedrichstraße”

pic2 seen in a train of S-Bahn

pic10 in the trains called Underground, but at Ruhleben they are above ground 😉

pic12another try at sewing related pictures… I think I am getting better…. even though its still not good

I hope this was interesting for you!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



  1. […] This one rekindled my love for film photography. The Diana F+ of Lomography. In the pictures, it’s sporting its Instax back, which allows me to take Fujifilm Instax Mini pictures. Normally it works with 120 films. I blogged about it here when I had it new. You can see some pictures I took with it here. […]

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