adventure preparation 75 – gear reviews and plans part4


The bicycle adventure season is pretty much done. We probably cycle to Lübeck every few weeks to keep in training, but no bigger tours until next spring. So it is time to look at the gear: what I like, what I would like to change, what I would like to add.

By the way: I bought all of the following items with my own money for the normal price anyone would have paid.

So, today, clothes:

These are the clothes I had with me on the “cycling through a crazy world tour”:

self-sewn vest: It is light and keeps the wind away, and also most of the rain, it is also light and small, I keep that with me.

jersey-jacket by H&M: it is warm, soft, drys fast, and tight, so I can use it very well for layering

2 self sewn T-Shirts I already replaced, because the fabric was breaking down. I am also making myself a new cap fitting with the new T-Shirts.

2 sports bras by M Mala, I like them, I will retake them.

I already picked the one cushion out of the one shammy-pants by Gonso and sewed it into a self sewn short, I probably will do the same with the second.

I love my orange hat, but I am thinking about making myself a new one for the next trip just so it would fit better colourwise.

The shammy by craft will be retaken, just like it is.

Same with my outdoor pants by Bergson. I do like those. I hope we will travel some more years together.

I definitely stick with my sleeping combo: self-sewn capri pants, T-Shirt by C&A and self-sewn neck and shoulder warmer.

The day-off-combo will be slightly changed: I will take another panty+socks just for this outfit, so I can wash all my cycling clothes when wearing this and I will sew a lighter and colour fitting jacket.

My puffy-jacket by Esmara. I really like that one, it is so light and warm, but I am thinking about investing in something with down, that is even lighter and warmer.

I will also stick with my footwear: SPD-shoes by Northwave on the bicycle and sock-shoes by Skinners of the bicycle. I am just thinking of maybe getting another pair of the sock-shoes…

Do you have any questions about this so far?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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