adventure preparation 38

(This is a weekly blogging series, started before I did my first weeklong bicycle tour around the little belt on the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.  Now I want to do the whole Bicycle Route next year, and for that, I do some shorter tours to stay in training, study Danish, do other sports, sew some things, plan, map, buy, and worry. And blog about that every Sunday… it is an adventure already.)


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I survived my family another year. 😉 Actually, it was fine. I got some excellent gifts for my tour, and I think my gifts have been picked out well, too. Luckily my mom could take me in her gym with her over the holidays, so I could keep my training up. Those bicycles also had terrible saddles though…


Functional Fitness for Bicyclists. I got this book for Christmas to further train for the bicycle tour. I only tried the first workout, I will keep you updated how it feels after a few weeks.

I also got these headphones: AIR by AFTERSHOKZ. They are bone conduction, so they keep my ears free. When I am cycling to Lübeck again soon, I will test them out and tell you all about it. If they do work with the ear covers of my winter helmet.

My weekly preparation:

I did 5 mornings with 4 yoga-flows,

4 evenings training feet + stretch,

did 1 functional fitness for cyclists workout,

went to mum’s gym 2 times: 23.96km in 65mins and 25.7km in 65mins

and cycled only 5.19 km in 0:18:56 h with Leif.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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