Today is a public holiday in Germany. Everyone has a free day, and everything is closed (except police, hospitals and such of course). We are supposed to celebrate the reunification of east and west Germany 29 years ago. I say “supposed” because it does not feel that way. It feels more like a very serious remembering-day.

At least in politics and such. Most people I know and see, seem to enjoy the free day, not caring about the reason. That is pretty much the same as every public holiday. Maybe because there are no big parties to celebrate it? Everyone knows about New Year’s Eve, there is a party, or Carnival/Fasching, which isn’t a public holiday, and only celebrated in some parts of Germany, but everyone knows about it… because it is a party. 😉

Anyways, when you lived in Berlin for some years, like I did, you learned that the border through Germany still existed in the heads of many people. I used to get teased about being a “Wessi”  (West-German) and doing the same to the “Ossis” (East-Germans). In most of the former West-Germany, they do not understand those jokes. Which is kind of sad, because of all that teasing and joking was fun. 🙂

keep on smiling

your Fairy

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