maxi skirt: pattern, cutting and bleaching


so I started with my maxi skirt, Ill probably finish it tomorrow and then I start with plaid shorts and jacket, since most of you voted for them.

DSCF4521start with a paper and a rectangle: your waist divided by 16 x you wished skirt length (if you want your skirt on lower on your hips take that measurement and measure from there down for your wished length)

DSCF4522and draw a line in the middle of that

DSCF4523take your hip measurement minus the waist measurement and divide that number by 16

DSCF4524glue the first strip onto another paper go 20cm down, then mark that measurement and split the second strip open towards the hem, if you want your skirt sit on another point, measure from there down to your hip and go that down to know where to split

DSCF4525looks like this when cut, then draw that on another paper and fold it over and mirror it, then add seam allowance all around

DSCF4526 DSCF4527then cut it twice from folded first fabric and then twice from the folded second fabric, or 4 times if you want all parts of the same fabric. If you have fabric like mine that doesnt have a print or anything you can cut them in both directions, the mirror line in the pattern needs to be parallel to the selvedges.

DSCF4529 DSCF4530for the bleach, you better use gloves, I used a plastic brush and poured the bleach into a plastic cup

DSCF4531 DSCF4532 then I dipped the brush into the bleach and did brush strokes in different lengths from the hem up, you actually will paint blind, since it will show after a few minutes, place it for waiting somewhere where the bleach wont ruin anything

DSCF4533 DSCF4534

DSCF4535when it reached your wished color, wash the bleach out

DSCF4536let dry and iron, of course the same with the other color

Sorry, I missed some pictures, I hope its still understandable, if there is any question please do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


Disclaimer: bleach is irritant and needs to be handled with care (e.g.wear gloves). I am not responsible for any misuses or  residues.


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