may drawing winner dress pattern and cutting


here is how I did the pattern for the may drawing winner. I used the maxi skirt pattern and a well fitting neck-holder top.

DSCF4824I folded the top in the centre front and and at the side seam and drew around it

DSCF4825then I folded at centre back and side seam to also have the back part

DSCF4826next I marked the middle line in front and back part

DSCF4827at the front I drew the line in a curve to the centre front at the top, so the line would be at the chest

DSCF4828now I took the centre front part and drew the lines onto another paper

DSCF4829added seam allowance and the placed the skirt on top, be sure your hip and waist fit at both pattern part

DSCF4830and connected with a curve

DSCF4831I did the same with the other parts, the parts where you do not have the centre front or back fold you can place in the middle of each other

DSCF4832DSCF4833like at the front side

DSCF4834at the side parts I marked a line in a 45┬░ angle to the grain line, starting at the top of the side seam, that helped me match up the stripes at the side seams

DSCF4835my 4 pattern parts

DSCF4836for the centre parts, I folded the flowery print fabric in 2 places to the middle and cut both in fold. When working with print I always cut all parts in the same direction to make sure they look the same. The skirt was a little to wide at the hem for the width of the fabric, so I had to fold in a little of the pattern

DSCF4837then I placed the side parts on the striped fabric, making sure my marked lines fit

DSCF4838after cutting those 2 parts I turned them around and placed them (right side facing right side) on the other striped fabric (which is a mirror image of the first) matching up the stripes and cut

I hope this was helpful for you. Questions, suggestions and ideas are as always most welcome!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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