does that happen to you too?


Do you know that situation? You are visiting friends or family and someone says: “I have those pants that are too long, there is a sewing machine somewhere, can you shorten it?” Or something similar…



  1. Not more than once!!!! I always let people know I 1) hate sewing on buttons 2) I only sew for myself.

    • 🙂 I also dont like to sew on buttons but I do sew for others. but I really dont like those small fix things up jobs. I only do that for family and close friends… sometimes

  2. I used to get this a lot, but I have sort of squelched it. One acquaintance of ours got a bit peeved that I wouldn’t hem his pants because the tailor at the dry cleaning was going to charge him $8 to to do it. I told him I charge $20!

  3. I accept wine as payment for hemming and button-sewing. I figure since I’m fairly new at this, it give me practice with different fabrics, and I get some wine. I know if I were more advanced I’d be bored, though!

    • Maybe you will, even though if I remember it right I always got bored by stuff like that. 🙂 But your arrangement sounds like a good solution, I just dont like wine, I would have to think of something different.

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