sewing of plaid shorts


so here are the next and last steps for the plaid shorts. The steps for the jacket will be up next sunday. It is pretty much like this, but I used a slightly different way with the lining and I made an open sleeve slit and bring you a step by step for that next week. 😉

DSCF4678first you need your front pocket part cut from some lining or a really thin material, pin it right sides facing each other onto the front parts

DSCF4679cut the seam allowance in at the curve fold over and iron (sorry for the blurry pic

DSCF4680then sew parallel to the edge to keep the lining inside the pocket

DSCF4681now place the inner pocket part on the other

DSCF4682pin all in place

DSCF4683and sew both pocket parts together

DSCF4722now pin and sew side seams and inseam

DSCF4723then try it on, and if needed pin where you need it a little tighter

DSCF4724also change the pattern right away (believe me I often forget that and then wonder why a tested pattern doesnt fit

DSCF4738I also needed something dart like in the front and because I preferred the look I did a little fold

DSCF4739to the fold I sewed the open end of the pocket to keep it in place

DSCF4740next I double folded the hem and sewed that, with shorts always constroll 3 times if the hem is at the same height at the inseam, on long pants a few mm wont be noticed on shorts you will

then measure around the top end and cut a strip with that length and 4.5 cm wide. (I didnt have any check left over so I took the red fabric) sew it all around a little stretched to the top fold over and sew again (you can see how detailed here)

DSCF4742 DSCF4743thats how my shorts look finished!

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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