orange jacket part1: pattern and cutting


I havent finished the jacket yet, but I thought Ill start showing you the first steps. The pattern I used is #102 of burda magazine 3/2004.

DSCF3997and thats what i looked liked after copying it from the pattern sheet and adding seam allowance

DSCF4002for the lining parts: draw the back part on another paper, and the back-facing into the new drawing, then add twice the seam allowance, and you have you back lining part

DSCF4003when I did the pattern I still planned on doing a fake- slit at the sleeves, so I didnt need the additinal fabric at the lining (by now I decided to do no slit at all, lazy me, when I come to that part I will do a poll if you would like a tutorial for slits and fake slits in sleeves, I probably are going to use that pattern again anyhow)

DSCF4004for the lining of the front part, you need to fold the facing inside and only cut until the line where it ends, and the add twice the seam allowance again

DSCF4005looks like this

DSCF4022then cut the fabric, if you use suede like me, be sure all parts are not only according to grain line, but also faced in the same direction

DSCF4023and then cut the ling parts, for all parts I didnt talk about just use the same;)

next part will be up in latest a week, I have a long weekend so lets hope I get some stuff done. Supposedly  there will be great and warm weather finally in Germany next weekend. Never loose hope!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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