my plans for the next weeks


I sadly was a little busy lately but I have all good intentions to change that now. So I wanted to give you a short peek at whats to come next:

  1. You finally get the dress tutorial soon, its almoust finished.
  2. Then I have a tutorial for the vest I wore in this styling 
  3. In a survey I asked what tutorials you would like me to do next, the dress was up first and in second place was a jacket, since this is a bigger project, I will split it up in parts and bring you the next steps every week.
  4. Next you can still vote if there will be a tutorial for pants and a tutorial on how to do a pants-pattern here.
  5. But first I will be sewing next the baby-outfit with this nice fabric, because the baby I am sewing it for, will be born any day now. Of course I will do a tutorial for this as well.


As always if you have problem or want to know how to sew something, leave a comment or write an email to tailorfairy(at) and I will try my best, to do an tutorial soon. Any other questions are also welcome.


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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