knitted fabric: jersey

Jersey is elastic as any knitted fabric and has those little v’s on the right and the wave-lines on the left side.

Even though its knitted it doesn’t easily get runs, but still you best sew it with zigzag-stitching to keep the elasticity. For the sewing you should use a needle with a ball point, so it wont cut any threads and you stay run-free. Ask in your sewing store for jersey needles. If sewn with zigzag you do not need any additional overedging/trimming seam, because it normally does not fray.

Jersey is often made of cotton, but there are a lot of other possibilities and mixtures. If you are allergic to any material, best ask before buying any fabric, also so you know how to best wash it.

This fabric comes in uni-color and prints, just pick whatever fits you best. 😉 Its best used for tops, skirts and dresses which need to be elastic.

Feel free to ask me anything you don’t understand.


All the best






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