Woven fabrics: denim

Denim is a woven fabric normally made of cotton. One side is blue and the other white and you notice diagonal lines in the fabric.

It is normally a very robust and thick. Its not elastic unless it has some elastic threads (normally not more then 5%) woven in. You can do pretty much anything out of it, just not things that are supposed to look fluid because it is firm. For that it works best for pants and jackets but also skirts, shirts and dresses.

You have to remember 2 things when working with denim:

  • you need a thick needle, best you buy special denim needles in your sewing store
  • the material frays easily, so if the frayed look isn’t what you want you need good overedging/trimming seam to make it frayproof

If there are any questions left feel free to ask, maybe you help others by it who read this after you and have the same question.

All the best



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